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The car locator device positioning error is more or less normal

  • Sometimes GPS will cause the actual position of the vehicle and GPS map because of some reasons are not consistent, there is a certain deviation. Some are a hundred or two meters, some are even more. A note of caution: The car locator device displays a position error, if not a large one. It's just, you know, what's the normal error?

    The car locator device is divided into military and civilian devices. The military has a very high requirement for accuracy, so the maximum difference between the car locator device is only one meter. However, the error of the civil car locator device is within 10-20 meters when there is no interference. Here, the deviation of the range is normal.

    But the locator belongs to electronic products, and the vehicle GPS is a long-term mobile outdoor work, so it will be affected by the driving environment such as weather, the number of GPS satellites and even the atmosphere, which will increase the position deviation on the electronic map.

    In addition to weather, the positioning accuracy of a car locator device depends on region, terrain, positioning method, and even time. Like common underground garages, remote mountainous areas, GPS location accuracy will be worse than urban areas.

    In addition, car owners often ignore two details: first, when the vehicle is parked in a position for a long time, this time refers to a week or more, when the vehicle is used again to produce movement, there will be a few minutes of short delay in updating the location information of the vehicle. This also explains some car owners on the Internet said that "when the car has been driven out for a distance, the positioning still does not move".

    Second, when we use GPS to locate navigation, we will find that the map is marked with the distance between points, one point is the current position of the vehicle, the other point is the reference. The different choice of reference, distance and guidance will be different, which is why there will be a deviation with the owner's imagination of the end position of one of the reasons.

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