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What affects the time spent on elderly gps phones

  • The service life of elderly gps phones has something to do with many factors. Generally speaking, the service life of electronic products is three to four years, but some products can be used for six to seven years, so it depends on the quality of the equipment and the way it is installed and used.

    Usually, for some wired positioning devices, there is a power IC on the circuit board that is to prevent overcharging. Just like our phones, which can suffer battery life if they are constantly charged for long periods of time, so can locators. Also, some low-cost locators only have one level of power protection, while some quality companies will use a three level power IC to protect the work of the GPS module.

    Moreover, the choice of the positioning chip in the locator is also a key factor to determine the product quality and service time. Some common positioner is using single chip positioner, positioning effect is very poor, and the data processing ability is also very poor. However, there are also high-quality positioners are imported intelligent high-speed chips, data processing speed is faster than the traditional single-core positioner, the system runs very smoothly. It works just like the cpu in a computer. If the card fails, will you still use the computer? I'm afraid I just want to get a much better computer sooner.

    After all, the locator is also a kind of electronic equipment, usually installed in the car after a long period of time will be taken off charging, if it is electric type location will even be placed on the car until completely damaged will be taken out. So because of this, the locator will also be exposed to wind and rain in the car, so in order to protect the internal parts of the locator, some experienced companies require the locator to be waterproof and dust-proof, so that can effectively extend the use of the locator time.

    But be aware that being waterproof doesn't mean you're not afraid of water. The water resistance of the positioner is only water resistance, not water immersion. Therefore, when installing a GPS locator, keep it away from the air outlet and condensate pipe of the air conditioner to avoid changes in temperature difference, which may affect the service life of the device.

    In addition to waterproof, but also to prevent high temperature, avoid installation in the roof, exhaust pipe and other high temperature parts. In the summer, the temperature in these places can reach 80 to 100 degrees, which is beyond the operating temperature range of the locator.

    Therefore, having a time-of-use locator depends not only on the quality of the elderly gps phone itself, but also on the user's usage method and installation location.

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