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What about the Packaging and Printing process?

  • Packaging and Printing products are closely related to our daily life. Finance, transportation, hotels, scientific research and other fields are inseparable from the manual. As more and more technical manuals are printed, the requirements for printing technology are becoming more and more confusing. Therefore, it is necessary to correctly grasp the technical characteristics and quality requirements of Packaging and Printing, and scientifically arrange the process flow. Below, follow the packaging and printing Xiaobian together to simply understand it!

    1. Production process

    Production job Sheet → Computer plate making → Material preparation → Printing → Page numbers (tear sheets or individual rolls) → Product packaging and storage → Delivery.

    2. Issuing of work summons

    Job slips are guidelines for product handling, including print quantity, paper type, quantity and plate making requirements. Packaging and Printing work summons has its particularity. In addition to having the necessary columns for regular printing and production worksheets, it must be clear and clear and have the necessary process descriptions, such as number of copies, ridges, coding position, color, arrangement method, drum size, packaging requirements, etc. A print proof should also be attached to the work summons; People with special requirements must be marked in the "Remarks" column so that each sequence is obvious to the operator.

    3. Plate making

    Instructions are generally used in commercial, banking, post and telecommunications, transportation and other fields, such as contracts, instructions, invoices, etc., requiring the text, specification and scale of the plate to be accurate, not to present overprinting, dislocation and other faults, so the necessary text is accurate, marking, reference line is complete and accurate.

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