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How to properly and safely operate a wire servo cutting machine

  • The operation of the machine tool is a technical work, so with a lot of dangers, the correct and safe operation of the machine tool can not only improve the service life of the machine tool, the processing efficiency of the workpiece, but also a guarantee for their own safety.

    Let's briefly talk about how to operate the wire servo cutting machine safely:

    1, before starting, check whether the electrical parts are loose, if there is a broken wire and parts fall off should promptly notify the professional maintenance.

    2, check the tension of molybdenum wire.

    3, check whether the guide wheel is damaged and timely change the position of the working face, such as the communication slot of the wire rod, should be adjusted in time to prevent the location of the working face to break the molybdenum wire.

    4 Check that the lubrication part of the machine tool should have enough lubricating oil.

    5, turn on the machine power supply, controller switch, 24V stepper drive power switch and high pulse power switch.

    6, according to the drawing size and the actual situation of the workpiece calculation seat point programming, pay attention to the workpiece clamping method and molybdenum wire diameter, select a reasonable cutting position.

    7, open the wire motor, pump motor and control panel on the high frequency switch.

    8, put the coarse switch in the automatic position, unplug the feed switch, that is, enter the processing stage, processing and further adjust the fine-tuning switch and software fine-tuning, so that it is adjusted to the most stable state of processing.

    9, after the end of the processing should be in order to turn off the high-frequency pulse switch of the machine tool, the water pump switch, in the closing of the coarse closed wire cylinder switch, if you want to shut down the brake simply press the red button of the total power switch.

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