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How to choose a Puzzle books printing business online?

  • Puzzle books printing products have a large market demand every year, and with the popularity of the Internet, many merchants will choose Puzzle books printing manufacturers online. In the face of a wide range of Puzzle books printing enterprises on the network, when choosing, we can not only look at the price, but also examine the enterprise from all aspects, and then let's talk about this topic.

    First, when selecting the Puzzle books printing enterprise online, it is natural to start from the official website to understand its enterprise qualification and specific printing services. By querying the record information of the official website domain name, you can understand its business license and other operation qualification information, and then understand the specific printing services and cases provided. And then to have a targeted consultation under the customer service quotation, regardless of the price should have a clear quotation standards.

    Second, when selecting the Puzzle books printing company online, we should also know about the raw materials used in each link, such as the thickness of coated paper or other types of paper for the basic paper selection, and whether the bracket is metal or wood or cardboard. Different support materials also affect the binding method, usually cardboard is wire ring binding, etc., to understand how to determine the quality of these raw materials.

    Third, when selecting the Puzzle books printing enterprise, we should naturally understand its process and printing program. The main thing to look at in terms of process is the equipment of the enterprise, and the natural equipment of the powerful manufacturer is more advanced. In terms of printing scheme, the printing scheme is designed by combining production cost and materials such as paper and bracket mentioned just now, and the quality of details can be seen through samples before mass production.

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