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Supermodel Wearing White "Bandage Dress" So Fairy!

  • The Brazilian supermodel, whose name is Alexandra Ambrosio, is a very good angel on the Vimy runway, famous for her passionate temperament and perfect looks, but her body proportions are slightly inferior to those of other models.

    The outfit she wore to the event recently was simply a sight to behold. A tight white bandage dress, for ordinary people, maybe a fashion disaster single, but for supermodels, this single is simply the best tool to show off a good body. From the collar to the cuffs of the hollow design, as well as the waist bandage sense full of highlights.

    This irregular white bandage dress allows the supermodel to exude all of her perfect temperament, highlighting an elegant goddess aura. From the sloping shoulder cut at the neckline to the waist design, this unbalanced version, but will show a different sense of beauty.

    The supermodel with a head of fluffy curly blonde curls, eyebrows that are delicate and generous, a casual concave shape, and show beautiful legs, are bright presence.

    The design of the bandage dress was originally chosen to be more elastic fabric, but AA chose the vintage and elegant silk, walking up the let the skirt body the glossy feeling is particularly obvious.

    The biggest highlight of this dress is probably the cut-out design at the cuffs and the twisted cut of the skirt, which wraps the figure advantage in an unmistakable way. The gorgeous satin and plain cut allow the romantic style to be shown.

    It's not easy to wear this long open skirt with a two-piece effect. And the supermodel used strength to interpret the elegant flavor. Some bandage dress cut, the requirements for the body is very high if there is a trace of fat will be seen, but the 40-year-old her, still maintains a perfect body curve, and can not see the years on her damage.

    Show design full of cuffs, and a tight layered pleated skirt, outlining the curves of the shapely and slender body, which is the charm of the bandage dress. AA, who casually sways long hair, has a delicate rhythm in her eyebrows, and her bumpy body curve is very durable.

    In addition to some plain and advanced white bandage dresses, supermodels wear Oversized style blazers also effortlessly, tied up fluffy ponytail looks young and age-defying.

    The simple white T-shirt with a loose blazer and tight hip skirt, these two pink colors collide together to create a full of girlish atmosphere.

    Even in a dimly lit stairwell, a real supermodel can make a blockbuster impression at her fingertips.

    Casually carrying a cup of coffee supermodel, show their waistline and slender legs, even if it is difficult to wear around with fluorescent green high heels, but also in her feet become so proper, the overall look on a word, beautiful!

    The supermodel has the perfect curves and the perfect supermodel look. Whether it's a minimalist piece or a repeated bandage dress, she can wear it with a unique style and look effortless.

    Supermodel wearing white bandage dress so fairy! Her temperament is like a vintage goddess, a pink suit like a young girl, do you think she wears this fairy dress?