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Application Scenarios Of LED Display

  • LED display as a display device, we can see everywhere around us, whether it is in an office building or a commercial center, or on the street.

    But LED display uses so many, and its application scenarios are specific, I believe that many people are not very clear, about the choice and also do not know how to start, right?

    Now, we will take a detailed inventory of the LED display application scenarios, take a look, especially the second half of many people who are confused.

    LED Display For Building Curtain Wall

    LED display + building curtain wall has been spread in many cities, LED display + building curtain wall projects are mostly used in the city's busy areas, not only for energy-saving lighting but also to promote, and convey information, the display can be used in urban landmarks, municipal buildings, car 4s store, office building facades, commercial streets, etc.

    LED Display For Performance Or Event Party

    LED displays are colorful, and can enrich the stage scene, at the same time LED displays can also set the atmosphere so that people can experience a more memorable audio-visual feast. In addition, it can be disassembled at will, suitable for temporary scene construction, in many festive performances or concerts or some activities party will be used.

    LED Display For Commercial Center

    LED displays can also display advertising campaigns, new product promotions, event notices, etc. They are usually set up on the walls or facades of commercial centers, etc.

    LED Display For Indoor Stores

    LED displays can be used for information display as well as business promotion, and they are also used in many stores to help display. Common ones are postal, mobile telecommunication, brand stores, etc.

    LED Display For Restaurant

    LED display can enhance the atmosphere, display promotional information, restaurant pre-promotion or display dishes usually use LED display.

    LED Display For Hotel Or Resort Lobby

    LED displays can present broadcast information and videos to convey effective information to customers, which can save customer handling difficulties and is a popular choice for many hotel or resort lobbies.

    LED Display For Showroom

    LED display can realize screen switching, brightness adjustment, etc., which is a gold-sucking tool in the showroom.

    LED Display For Schools And Hospitals

    LED displays can spread all kinds of news notices, and also can promote performance results and other information, in many schools or hospitals that are more popular.

    LED Display For Outdoor Advertising

    The more obvious feature of LED display is that it can be used as a medium to help the company to promote, and can present the details of the product in the form of pictures and videos to attract more people's attention.

    LED Display For Traffic Guide

    LED displays can show important information in the form of rotation, such as subways, airports, railway stations, and high-speed railway stations, and other low will use LED displays to deliver timely information to visitors.

    LED Display For Monitoring Room

    The LED display can continue to work 24 hours a day, and the high-definition display assists in capturing information that can help decision-makers quickly distill key information.

    LED Display For Dispatching Command Center

    LED display can display the scene image in high definition, rescue maps, etc., and can be a highly efficient integrated display screen, to achieve information sharing, help unified command, and scheduling.

    LED Display For Stock Exchange

    LED displays can efficiently display key information to help stock exchanges make analytical judgments. The demand for LED displays in this area can reach more than 50% nationwide.

    LED Display For Gymnasium

    LED display can flexibly display game information or game live, and has become one of the important components of the stadium.

    The above is the full content of the LED display application scenarios, what other questions welcome comments exchange ~